“It would be difficult to over-praise the elegant, tasteful, and technically superb performance of Edward Carroll. His playing of the piccolo trumpet is lyrical yet properly restrained. He gives expression by sensitive phrasing and precise intonation; at times soft and gentle, at others, bravura and aggressive while never losing its proper vocal quality.”


“Edward Carroll is one of the finest trumpeters of our day. He was a relentless perfectionist whose every grace note and trill seemed crafted in heaven.”

“Edward Carroll has a crystal clear and thrilling trumpet tone.”

“With the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, trumpeter Edward Carroll illuminated the Kennedy Center with consistent purity and sheen.”


“Ed Carroll soared to magnificent heights of virtuosity with spectacular panache and fluidity.”


“We may have heard trumpeters of equal brilliance this season in Toronto, but none that coped so flawlessly with the impossible demands of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2.”


“The other players were helped greatly by the solid trumpet technique of Edward Carroll, who faced his stratospheric tessitura with courage and skill.”

“A fine trumpet player and deft programmer.”


“Edward Carroll lit up the grey afternoon with his brilliant, accurate, trumpet.”


“In Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto, Carroll proved a dab hand at trilling, appoggiaturas, and other niceties, and the way he filled Symphony Hall in Haydn’s best concerto was a source of cheer and warmth.”

The Savannah (GA) Morning/Evening News

“Carroll’s style of playing immediately opened a line of musical communication with the audience. He played with a very pure tone – particularly beautiful and crystal clear in the upper register. The Haydn and Arutunian Trumpet Concertos allowed him to demonstrate his dazzling technique and exceptional artistry, sensitive to the most subtle nuance.”

The Greenwich (CT) Times

“Carroll, one of the most elegant trumpeters around, played Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto with a delicacy of dynamics and suppleness of phrase that surpassed mastery. It was a performance of rare refinement.”

The Burlington (VT) Free Press

“It was a typical Carroll performance; brilliant tone, admirable technique and style. He then further distinguished himself as a commentator before launching into an unforgettable ‘Carnival of Venice,’ with all the fancy triple tonguing that made the Harry James record a classic.”

The Daily Iowan

“Carroll negotiated the terrifying melodic leaps and extremely long legato lines with great style and wit; the sound itself was clear but never shrill.”

The Schenectady (NY) Gazette

“This was a concert of almost flawless playing. Carroll was impressive in Albinoni’s Sonata in F for trumpet and organ, displaying a singing tone – surprisingly big at times for such a small instrument – and beautiful phrasing. Later, Carroll was equally spectacular in the chestnut of chestnuts for trumpet players, The Carnival of Venice.”

The Santa Barbara (CA) News Press

“It is hard to see how there could be a finer trumpet player anywhere in the world. He will certainly be a contender for the solo assignment on the Dies Irae. Very likely he has already auditioned for it.”

Written August 22, 2009

Last updated October 22, 2010